Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Projects for 2010

Saturday "Everyone Intimate Alone Visibly," my collaboration with Levydance, premiered at Dance Place in Washington DC to a favorable review in the Washington Post. With that I finished my major work of 2009. Inspired to apply my new skills to new projects, I'm planning a number of new projects for 2010.

Project 1: Collaborate with Bad Unkl Sista

Bad Unkl Sista is a San Francisco Butoh-inspired performance group. Their incredibly striking white costumes should work as interesting surfaces on which to project video. I'll use computer vision to track the dancers, applying some of the systems I developed so recently.

Project 2: A story of a dream: typewriter/language-based video installation

This does not yet have a name, but will derive a lot of its function from language and algorithms (I'll be reading some Chomsky). Basically I'll modify a mechanical typewriter with an Arduino to output ASCII. I'll make a program to parse words and mix video accordingly. There will be a lot of system design, video editing, and building the "vocabulary" of the project. Limiting it to one of my dreams will make it more expressive and personal, more aesthetically coherent (visually), and make it a smaller, more achievable project that I can expand on later.

Project 3: Anomaly

I'm expanding on Anomaly with some new collaborators. Besides improving the current sculpture and electronics, I'll be working with Yosh!, Aaron McLeran, Moldover, and Pehr Hovey to have Anomaly control generative sound algorithms which use sound files uploaded by contributors online. As this becomes more developed I'll be inviting sound artists to contribute sound.

Project 4: Events etc.
This year I am co-producing Alchemy, a False Profit interactive art event with Stephanie Tholand, which will take place April 24th.

February 1st I'll be moving into Million Fishes, the artist collective and gallery in the Mission. My goals are to curate art shows in the gallery, hold workshops, work to improve Million Fishes' branding and visibility, and collaborate with my talented cohorts.

I'll also continue presenting and showing my work and probably organize another workshop on using Max for interactivity programming and computer vision.

Basically this year is going to be about collaborating to make a lot of cool work, building on my skills from past projects more than acquiring new technical skills.

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  1. Bubbling with enthusiasm for the inspiring intentions of emergent collaborations from my radical new housemate!

    ~Rich DDT