Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cooking randomly: (after rirkrit tiravanija)

go to your grocery store. photograph the outside.
go to isle 3. halfway down the isle on the right side, pick a food item.
(if isle is not food items, go to the next isle up that is food, 4 then 5...)
do the same on isle 6.
if your grocery store is teeny, (under 6 isles) get something 5 feet down the 1st isle and 2 feet down the second.
go to the produce section. starting at the very left of the produce, pick the 2nd, and 6th items in the middle-height section, and the 8th thing over high up.

photograph each item in its spot in the store, and all together on your kitchen table.

make a meal that includes all of the random ingredients, photograph it and share it with your friends.


  1. Interesting idea!
    The word "random" is always fascinating, isn't it?
    So many people in math, science, and arts, have been trying to find it, define it, play with it, yet I don't think anyone really grabbed a true piece of "random". Is there a such thing as TRUE RANDOM anyway or is it just a glimpse of a PERFECT design by what?!

  2. Hi,

    My grocery store doesn't even have isles :-)
    Only the supermarket.
    I wonder how many people have lost their friends after cooking this meal.... :-)

    Kind regards,